The Winemaker/Oenologist

Edward Romero began his journey in 2004 when his only goal was to cross of a bucket list item, which was to create a good batch of wine. Proving to be a life changing experience, he soon found himself enamored with the art of making wine and learning as much as possible about creating a wine worthy of crossing that item off his bucket list. His hobby soon began to turn into something that would turn his attention away from his 17 yr. corporate career in finance management and began to focus solely on his vintner career. Most would tell you Edward lost his marbles to let go of such great income but Edward always states that he found them instead.

His production of wine quickly increased and he found himself needing to expand out of his manufacturing facility known as his garage—to a larger facility. Acquiring a small 15 acre vineyard in Temecula, facilitated for Romero Estate Vineyard (REV) to be born, soon instead of making one type of wine REV was creating an array of wines, red and white, all in the old world Spanish style.

The Tasting Room was now a forum for expression for Edward Romero, wine-making was much more than manufacturing, creating superb tasting alcohol was an art form. Soon after the Tasting Room opened its doors in the city of Covina, Having bonded himself as a winery and brewery at the same time for the purpose of subsidizing his craft beer taste buds while he waited for wine to age, he soon realized that there was no other establishment bonded as both in the same location. An anomaly. 

Using the same mantra as was used to create wines, Romero began to diversify what REV represented and created quality craft beer with high quality and organic ingredients that would set REV apart from any other brewery in the area. Craft Beer, Craft Wine blended together. Pioneering at its best, as told by various TV and Blog station and Radio interview sources.

Now entering its third year since the doors officially opened to public by demand, the passion that changed a corporate career to one of full on manufacturing remains and is ever growing. Maintaining a familial feel, REV proves what passion and drive are capable of achieving. Edward is driven by a few moto’s like “Just Do It” the dive head first mentality and others like “You must want it as bad as you want the last breath while in the ocean when potentially drowning”. 

A bit eccentric to most but loved for his passion to treat people like family and inspire to do great things even under the storm of adversity. Edwards hunger for knowledge, makes it no surprise that he has such a vast and broad knowledge of experience. 

Edward has studied Political Science, Theology and Apologetics, Paralegal Studies, Law Business, Oenology and Vitology, Micro Computer Programming and various others at various educational institutions. Some of which are ELAC, MtSAC, Biola, Trinity, The Masters, CCCH, and others.